The Book Cover Evolution of ‘Not Famous’

Almost as long as I was writing Not Famous I was thinking about its cover. I tried coming up with my own and that really didn’t work out so well. In fact, those cover concepts were so embarrassing I recently deleted them. Because of that experience I decided that a photographic cover was probably theContinue reading “The Book Cover Evolution of ‘Not Famous’”

Coming November 1: The Cover Reveal of ‘Not Famous’

I’ve struggled quite a bit with the question of when to reveal the cover art for my novel, Not Famous. Publication is set for January 15, 2019, but deciding when to reveal the cover had me at a loss. When is the right time? I sought out lots of advice, and heard different opinions onContinue reading “Coming November 1: The Cover Reveal of ‘Not Famous’”

My Novel Has Now Been Proofread!

Well, my proofreader took less time than expected! I got the manuscript for Not Famous back yesterday.  There were quite a few minor grammatical corrections! Over the next week I plan to go through the manuscript, approve all the changes and prepare the eARCs! Aside from the corrections, my proofreader offered some thoughts I’d likeContinue reading “My Novel Has Now Been Proofread!”