Writing The Headline for My Novel’s Blurb

[NOTE: Updated to reflect further revisions.] So, while I was focusing on trying to figure out the book description for Not Famous, I’d forgotten something… the headline!  It seems like most books now have a headline above the description and it had completely slipped my mind. So, I did some research. I looked up sample headlinesContinue reading “Writing The Headline for My Novel’s Blurb”

The Latest Rewrite of the Blurb for “Not Famous”

While I’ve been busy with my latest round of edits, I would like to share the latest version of the blurb/book description for Not Famous. This version is the result of input from Jon Rance, who was kind of enough to read the previous version and make some suggestions. Nick Forrester thought he would spendContinue reading “The Latest Rewrite of the Blurb for “Not Famous””

Editing… Tweaking… And Romantic Comedies…

So, a lot has happened recently. Just to recap, I now have had feedback from three people about Not Famous, and I’m currently in the process of editing and tweaking the manuscript to incorporate their suggestions. It’s been a slow process, mostly because I’ve been allowing myself extra time between editing sessions to help seeContinue reading “Editing… Tweaking… And Romantic Comedies…”

Ranking Nick Hornby’s Film Adaptations

This summer, the film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s 2009 novel Juliet, Naked is expected to get (limited) American distribution.I’m looking forward to finally having the opportunity to see it, though, in truth, not every adaptation of Hornby’s novels has been a great, but the film was produced by Apatow Productions, and Chris O’Dowd (from TheContinue reading “Ranking Nick Hornby’s Film Adaptations”