Download THE LAST STOP for Free This Weekend

In honor of Friday The Thirteenth, my short story THE LAST STOP is available for free this weekend! Six strangers find themselves on a subway train that seems to have no destination. Defying logic and reason, this train has no beginning and no end. These six strangers will find themselves pushed to the limits, overcomingContinue reading “Download THE LAST STOP for Free This Weekend”

7 Comedy Actors Who Should Start Taking More Serious Roles

Actors hate to be typecast by playing the same role (or the same type of role) for too long or too often. Yet, there are some actors who have (or run the risk of) typecasting themselves into a genre that severely limits their talents as actors. We all know plenty of actors who are extremelyContinue reading “7 Comedy Actors Who Should Start Taking More Serious Roles”

Originality in Writing

My latest piece for What Culture lists 8 examples of television sitcoms that had an episode where a baby was born on an elevator. Truth be told, it has happened more than eight times. I did the research. The heart of the issue here is not silliness of the circumstances that lead pregnant women inContinue reading “Originality in Writing”

My First Piece for What Culture

I’m excited to report that I was recently accepted as a contributor to What Culture! I applied last week, citing my recent blog entry on dystopian movies worthy of remakes as an example of the kind of pieces I’d be contributing. My first piece is titled “5 Seinfeld Spin-Offs You Wish Had Happened”, here is aContinue reading “My First Piece for What Culture”

On The Lad-Lit Genre

If I were asked what genre my novel-in-progress could be described as, my instinct would be to say “lad-lit.” It sort of fits, according to this definition: n. A literary genre that features books written by men and focusing on young, male characters, particularly those who are selfish, insensitive, and afraid of commitment. This mayContinue reading “On The Lad-Lit Genre”