Looking For Beta Readers

So, it has been suggested my first beta reader that I start looking for a couple more that are part of my target audience. Who is my target audience? That’s a great question. Let me try to explain.

My novel is contemporary fiction. Probably best described as lad lit. What is lad lit? According to Wikipedia, “Lad Lit is a fictional genre of male-authored novels about young men and their emotional and personal lives, often characterized by a confessional and humorous writing style.”

If I were to make reference to other novels, I’d point you to High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (the protagonist is actually named after him), This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper, and We’re All Damaged by Matthew Norman. All of these books feature young-ish men and their relationships with women and family, and often incorporate some humor. That’s essentially what mine is.

So, a little about my novel… It takes place in 2015 (roughly the midpoint of when I was writing it) and is narrated by a 26 year old male protagonist. It begins with him a really low point in his life, but soon follows his relationship with a young singer-songwriter (and part-time Starbucks barista) trying to become self-sufficient on just her music in the local music scene in Boston.

Despite the genre, I would not say that I’m only going for male readers. While the narrator of this book is male, the singer-songwriter is really the focus of the story, and it’s her quirks and journey that drive the plot forward.

CLFA members should be aware that while there are conservative themes in the book, they are subtle… I wouldn’t call this a “conservative story” with any overt political or religious messaging.

My first beta reader has given me a month window before I get her insights back, and it will take me some time before I can incorporate those suggestions and be ready to hand off the manuscript to the next beta reader. Right now, I just want to gauge interest. If you think you might be interested, please use the form below, and I’ll be sure to keep you in mind when I pick the next beta reader. At this point, I’m needing people who think they’d enjoy the story, not potential editors.