Matthew Hanover

Just a guy writing lad-lit.

If it’s not gripping you, you are reading the wrong book.

—Nick Hornby

Matthew Hanover has been reading books all his life and is now writing his own. He hopes to one day be able to quit his day job and write full time. His first novel, Not Famous, was published in January 2019. His next novel, Not Dressed, was published February 2020.

Matthew Hanover’s debut novel. A funny, uplifting story about love, music, and second chances.

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A romantic comedy of how love goes wrong—and right—when you’re a 20-something still figuring out how to adult.

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Interviews and Stuff

Since I started writing novels I’ve been fortunate enough that there are people who not only want to read them but talk to me about them. Here some interviews that I’ve done: