Matthew Hanover

Matthew Hanover is a forty-something marketing professional who also writes contemporary fiction novels on the side.

Inspired by the writing of Nick Hornby and Jonathan Tropper, he wrote his first novel, ‘Not Famous’ back in 2011. It took seven years to complete the first draft, and it was finally published in 2019. His second novel, ‘Not Dressed’ took much less time to complete, and was published within a year of being started.

    The Wallflowers Series

    A romantic comedy series about shy and quirky young women and the insecure men who fall for them.

    Matthew Hanover’s novel can be broadly described as “lad-lit” which is a genre of fiction written from the male perspective and focuses on their personal lives and written in a humorous, confessional style.

    The Wallflowers series is perfect for fans of Nick Hornby, Mike Gayle, Jonathan Tropper, and chick-lit novels. All novels in the series take place in the same universe but focus on different characters, so they can be read in any order.

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