Not Awkward

A Bittersweet Comedy About Old and New Lovers, Family, Acceptance, and Moving On

What do you do when you and your ex seem fated to meet… AGAIN?

Not Awkward by prolific rom-com author Matthew Hanover is a bittersweet story of old and new lovers, family, acceptance, and moving on.

Scott has his fair share of problems.

Just weeks before his wedding to Charlotte, he finds out that he not only is passed over for a long-awaited promotion but also loses his job completely to a newer, less experienced candidate. Also, his own sister, Quinn, doesn’t approve of his impending nuptials to her best friend.

To make matters worse, Scott is devastated when he finds out that Jerry, his ex-girlfriend Leila’s dad, passed away. Even when Leila broke up with him out of the blue nearly six years ago, he still liked Jerry. And now Scott wants to pay his respects.

Scott plans to show up, say his condolences, and leave. Charlotte is off to her bachelorette with Quinn anyway. She’ll never know he’s gone.

But fate had something else in mind.

What was initially a short and sweet visit turns into a days-long, very awkward stay at Leila’s house, sitting shiva with her and the rest of her family. As if that’s not awkward enough, Leila keeps throwing fits while everyone else seems to be under the impression that it was Scott who broke up with Leila.

Amid the chaos and confusion, more and more people show up, giving rise to a few more incredibly uncomfortable situations.

Will Scott be able to get out of this scot-free? (Pun fully intended)

Will he finally uncover the real reason why Leila broke up with him?

Will there be a rekindling of an old flame after all?

Find out for yourself in “Not Awkward” — a delightfully uncomfortable contemporary romantic comedy novel by Matthew Hanover!


“Matthew Hanover once again delivers the goods, showcasing the need we all have for closure while still moving forward with our lives. The humor is spread throughout, but it’s the characters that blend together on his canvas that makes Not Awkward a masterpiece.”

—Wesley Parker, author of Coffee and Condolences

Not Awkward is a warm and heart-filled story about revisiting the past, finding healing (whether or not you thought you needed it), and embracing a future that doesn’t look like you expected it would (and is probably better). It’s the kind of book that’ll make you feel a little better about life for a while—and who doesn’t want to read something like that?”

—The Irresponsible Reader

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