About Matthew

I’m Matthew Hanover. By day, I’m just an ordinary forty-something marketing professional just trying to earn a paycheck.

But, by night (and on weekends) I write novels. My novels are contemporary fiction / romantic comedies. I originally set out to just write one novel I had in my head and realized I had more stories to tell. So far, I’ve written three novels, and a fourth one is on the way!

Inspired by the writing of Nick Hornby and Jonathan Tropper, I started writing my first novel, Not Famous back in 2011.

It took seven years to complete the first draft and was finally published in January 2019. My second novel, Not Dressed, took me significantly less time to complete, and it was published in February 2020.

My third novel, Not Awkward, was published in August 2021, and I’m currently working on my next novel, which will hopefully come out in 2023.

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