Questions and Answers

Which writers have influenced you?

I like what is known to many as “lad-lit” and so I greatly enjoy the books of Nick Hornby, Jonathan Tropper, and Matthew Norman. I would like to believe that anyone who enjoys their novels will enjoy mine when it is published. So I suppose I would fit somewhere in the lad-lit genre.

What are some of your favorite novels?

High Fidelity, by Nick Hornby
This Is Where I Leave You, by Jonathan Tropper
We’re All Damaged, by Matthew Norman
Girl 99, by Andy Jones
Home, by Matt Dunn

These are all “lad-lit” novels, but I do like a wide variety of genres and authors… including science-fiction.

What is your novel about?

I don’t want to give too much away yet, but I can say it could be described as a rock novel, since the main character meets an aspiring singer/songwriter trying to make a name for herself in the local music scene.

Is your novel autobiographical in any way?

I don’t think there’s enough about my life that would be interesting to anyone. My novel’s plot has absolutely no resemblance to my own life. Bits and pieces maybe have been inspired by incidents or people I know, but there’s nothing autobiographical about it. The main character is not a fictionalization of myself.

What is your writing process like?

It’s very disjointed, I must admint. I have to not only find the time to write between all the other things I have to do to (like my day job) I have to be in a proper writing mindset to even consider opening up my novel to work on it. I can’t listen to music or have any background noise like a TV on. I need to be able to focus so I can meet my characters in my head and be sure I’m telling their story right.

When will your novel be finished?

I completed the first draft at the end of April 2018. It still has to go through beta reading and probably a few rounds of edits/revisions… I wish I could pinpoint a target publication date… but I’m just not sure… I’d love to have it out before the end of 2018.

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