First Drafts, Beta Readers, and Novel Number Two

Well, it’s been over a week since I finished the first draft of my first novel. Let’s give you an update on what has happened since then. First, I celebrated. I didn’t go overboard: I just had a double of my favorite scotch and relished in the fact that after seven years I’d finally completedContinue reading “First Drafts, Beta Readers, and Novel Number Two”

Seven Years Later… My First Draft is Finished.

Earlier this year I resolved to finish my oft-neglected novel, Not Famous. Today, after seven long years,I finally finished the first draft. In mid-March I estimated that I’d finish by the end of April… and I was right on target, finishing the first draft on the very last day of the month. For those who are wondering,Continue reading “Seven Years Later… My First Draft is Finished.”