Wallflowers Series

A romantic comedy series about shy and quirky young women and the insecure men who fall for them. The Wallflowers series is perfect for fans of Nick Hornby, Mike Gayle, Jonathan Tropper, and chick-lit novels. All novels in the series take place in the same universe but focus on different characters, so they can be read in any order.

Matthew Hanover’s novels can be broadly described as “lad-lit” which is a genre of fiction written from the male perspective and focuses on their personal lives and written in a humorous, confessional style.

Matthew Hanover’s debut novel. A funny, uplifting story about love, music, and second chances.

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A romantic comedy of how love goes wrong—and right—when you’re a 20-something still figuring out how to adult.

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A bittersweet comedy of old and new lovers, family, acceptance, and moving on.

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