Where Is Calliope?

Congratulations! If you’re reading this you’ve read Not Famous and decided to see if WhereIsCalliope.com led you anywhere… and it did! I don’t suspect everyone who reads Not Famous will think to look here, so I’ve decided to offer some special content for those who do. The first thing you should do is sign up for my special VIP mailing list. As a member of this list, you’ll get exclusive and free stuff, like advance copies of future novels and short stories, as well as bonus materials you can access via this secret section of my website. Warning: If you haven’t finished the entire book yet you’ll want to wait… as there will be spoilers!

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Now that you’ve read the book, you might have some questions. This bonus FAQ attempts to answer them. If you have more questions, you can submit any questions you have through the form!

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Over seven years of writing means lots of changes to the story. Scenes were written but never included, alternate versions of events were envisioned, and there were lots of rewrites. This page will explain some of the deleted and alternate scenes that didn’t make it to the final novel.

Check out deleted scenes.


A half dozen gig fliers are featured in Not Famous, but several more were designed but not used. Here are all the gig fliers that were created during the writing/editing process to serve as inspiration.

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