Writing. Productively… For a Change

Yes. Believe it or not… after five… no wait, six years of working on and off (mostly off) on this novel, I’ve finally been making solid progress, dedicating a couple hours most days to reading through it, start to finish, and revising and filling in parts left for another day.

Yes, I am going through this sucker, from point A to point Z. I’m not skipping ahead, or letting myself go back to an unresolved scene to address later.  I am getting this done. I will finish my first draft. If all goes well, I suspect I can be done by the end of April.

It’s a strange feeling. I’ve never done this before, and part of me wonders if fear more than anything has kept me from seeing this through. Fear of what? Perhaps the fear of failure, the fear that I won’t be able resolve key aspects of this story, and it will just die unfinished.

I’ve grown attached to this story over the years, and sure, I’ve probably spent more time over the years not working on it than working on it, but in all this time it has accumulated approximately 100,000 words… I am sure I will have to edit it down after the first draft, but, when I’m feeling the story, I’m really feeling it. And it feels good to be back at it again… The characters still speak to me, and there’s still stuff to explore.

So yeah, I’m feeling confident for the first time this will actually get done. So, I’m going to get back to it.

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