Beta-Reader Update #2

My trusted beta-reader has some new updates for me regarding her read-through of Not Famous. She is now a third of the way through. The overall response was very positive, but the primary issue was the following:

You never gave any physical descriptions of anyone. I don’t know what the characters look like!

I was surprised. She was right! While I have mental images in my head about what the characters look like, I never really establish those images for the reader.

I will definitely fix that in my next draft.

The other issue, one I knew before even handing it off, was some issues of redundancy… some are probably a result of the seven years of writing and rewriting and not fleshing them out… others are meant to establish character quirks that I hope will be considered important enough to keep.

Of course, I was really happy when she said, “I am enjoying the story. I do want to know what will become of the relationship [between the main characters].

If I’ve managed that so far, I’m happy!

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