The Last Promotion for ‘The Last Stop’

As I previously mentioned, earlier this week I decided to run a free Kindle promotion for my short story, The Last Stop, a paranormal thriller about six strangers on a train. In the past, I’ve tried to plan promotions in advance and get the promotion listed on various promotion websites. I didn’t do that this time, I just logged into KDP, said I wanted the book free on May 23-25, and let it do its thing. Why? Well, my novel is going through beta-reading right now, and the novel and the short story are completely different genres, and I figured promoting the short story might hurt me long term. So I simply decided a blog post and a few tweets would be enough. At best, I’ve achieve maybe 40 downloads during a free promotion.

This time I got 288 over the three days.

How did I get nearly 300 downloads? I have no idea. But, I’m happy about it. Very happy. Obviously. Why? Well, in the past few weeks I’ve been regularly blogging and tweeting—something I wasn’t doing before. That’s the only thing I can think of that would make this promotion so successful. Of course, my blog’s reach isn’t huge (I got more downloads than blog visits over the course of the promotion) and Twitter isn’t exactly huge either… but something happened.

Anyway, even before the promotions unexpected success, I decided this would be the final promotion for it, as I don’t want any genre confusion when Not Famous is finally published. So, I hope you took advantage of the free promotion while it lasted!

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