My Novel Has Now Been Proofread!

Well, my proofreader took less time than expected! I got the manuscript for Not Famous back yesterday.  There were quite a few minor grammatical corrections! Over the next week I plan to go through the manuscript, approve all the changes and prepare the eARCs!

Aside from the corrections, my proofreader offered some thoughts I’d like to share.

On Nick, the main character:

…you made him believable and real to the reader, so despite his flaws (which made me angry at him occasionally) I was pulling for him to grow up.

On the story:

You do a good job of setting the stage for the story in the prologue. The break-up with Lauren establishes Nick’s shortcomings as much as her lapse shows poor judgement on her part. And then the whole issue of trust (or lack of it) is established and becomes the major theme of the tale. At the very end, he seems to understand that a full commitment requires total trust. Good way to pull it all together!

On the novel overall:

Overall I call this book a winner. Seriously. Why? […] I found myself having a hard time stepping away from the story. And then I was anxious to get back and “see what happens next.”

He also called it “an excellent read” in a chat later on.

So, I’m very happy with his feedback, and I’m looking forward to going through the manuscript corrections and getting ready to publish in January!

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