Frolic Talks Lad-Lit!

Yesterday, romance writer Lauren H. Mae wrote a piece for Frolic about lad lit titled, “Lad Lit: The Subgenre the Man in Your Life Needs” which explains what lad lit is, and features three lad lit book… including Not Famous!

Female romance readers, do you love reading romance but hate that you can rarely discuss books with the men in your life? A lot of men wrongly assume that love stories are for women only, and in a world where almost every other form of entertainment is geared toward men, it can be just fine to have our own thing. Sometimes, though, it would be great to share a good book recommendation with your husband, or boyfriend, or male best friend, and have them actually agree to read it. Well, it turns out there is another whole section of romantic fiction that you’re probably missing out on and it just might bridge the gap. It’s called Lad Lit and you’re going to love it just as much as he will. 

After explaining the genre to Frolic readers, Lauren highlighted three recently published lad lit books and their authors: Undergraduate by Ian Shane, Time for a Change, by Adam Eccles, and Not Famous, by yours truly. I can confirm that all three books are exemplary lad lit titles worth reading!

Click here to read the entire article!

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