My First Piece for What Culture

I’m excited to report that I was recently accepted as a contributor to What Culture! I applied last week, citing my recent blog entry on dystopian movies worthy of remakes as an example of the kind of pieces I’d be contributing.

My first piece is titled “5 Seinfeld Spin-Offs You Wish Had Happened”, here is a snippet:

Sitcom spin-offs are so common we often don’t realize that some of most beloved sitcoms are spin-offs. The Simpsons is a spin-off of The Tracy Ullman Show. Of course not all spin-offs enjoy the same kind of success, like the Friends spin-off Joey, or M*A*S*H spinoff AfterMASH. There have been many over the years.

But one show that never got a spin off that many of us with had, was Seinfeld. It’s hard to believe that Seinfeld, now a staple of comedy syndication, is still earning Jerry Seinfeld loads of money. His show about nothing went off the air 15 years ago—feel old?—and is still funnier than most of what passes for comedy these days.

So what were the spin-offs on my list? You have to click here to find out!. Be sure to share it on Twitter and Facebook!

One response to “My First Piece for What Culture”

  1. Congrats Matthew and welcome to WhatCulture.

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