A Playlist for ‘Not Famous’

Earlier this month I was made aware of a Spotify playlist that had been created by a reader of Not Famous. I checked it out and was very impressed by it. I asked @lit_tracks0 about the process of creating the playlist. “While I’m reading a book I’ll start to get inklings of music I’m associatingContinue reading “A Playlist for ‘Not Famous’”

Responding to Nick Spalding’s Self-Publishing Tips

Yesterday I posted excerpts from Nick Spalding’s thirteen-year old tips on self-publishing, which he told me are all still applicable today. So, today I’m going to respond to his tips with my thoughts. 1. Don’t give up the day job Of course the dream is to sell lots of books, make tons of money, andContinue reading “Responding to Nick Spalding’s Self-Publishing Tips”

Self-Publishing Tips From Nick Spalding

Nick Spalding is a very successful author with indie roots, who went on to sign a six-figure book deal. Back in 2003, he gave us his top 10 self-publishing tips. I’ve posted them below with excerpts: 1. Don’t give up the day job “Everyone wants to live the dream and write full time, but itContinue reading “Self-Publishing Tips From Nick Spalding”

Is The Key To Selling Lad-Lit Marketing To Women?

Wow, I had no idea that the publishing world was writing off “lad lit” fourteen years ago… but it’s true. In 2004, Publisher’s Weekly published an article titled “Lad Lit Hits the Skids”, and it was kind of frightening to read. What if publishers created a subgenre and nobody read it? In the case of “ladContinue reading “Is The Key To Selling Lad-Lit Marketing To Women?”

Who Will Buy My Book?

I just came across this article from The Millions by author Tom McAllister, and was immediately drawn to this paragraph: Before I ever published anything, I’d assumed that if I ever finished a book, there would be so much demand from family and friends alone that we’d have to go into a second printing before the release date. But I amContinue reading “Who Will Buy My Book?”

Why I’m Going Right To Self-Publishing

I’m in a few author groups on Facebook, and recently someone was talking about their novel in progress, and was asked if they were going to self-publish or attempt to get an agent and a publisher. I honestly can’t remember what the answer was because I immediately began to consider the implication of the question. Continue reading “Why I’m Going Right To Self-Publishing”

On Writing (Strong) Female Characters

Men know jack about women. Women don’t really get me either. But, men and women authors have to write characters of the opposite sex. They do it all the time. Some even write novels/stories with women narrators. Hey, if they can pull it off all the power to them. Nick Hornby did so quite effectively inContinue reading “On Writing (Strong) Female Characters”