NOT FAMOUS Launch Week Recap!

What an exciting week it has been! Not Famous was finally published!

As a first time author, I know very well that it is tremendously difficult to get traction in publishing. Lots of people, even those at one of the big house publishers, put out books that fail to get sales. It’s tougher for indies like myself, being entirely responsible for hiring a book cover designer, and editor, and all that other stuff… I chose to go indie because I felt that regardless of where I published, I’d be responsible for my own success… or lack of it.

So, how has this week gone?

So. much. better than I expected!


Now, don’t get too excited, I’m not a bestseller yet… my expectations were pretty low going in. The pre-order period was a tad underwhelming… but once the book officially launch, I sold as many copies of Not Famous in a day than I had during the 4-day pre-order period. I even have had a few paperback sales! As an indie, I expected to have almost entirely ebook sales… Actually, I didn’t expect to have any paperback sales at all… so that anyone has bought a paperback is, for me, phenomenal.

What about reviews? I’ve gotten some of those, too!

Between the US and UK Amazon stores, I have 4 five-star reviews! Pretty awesome, huh? Also, this morning, I discovered that Not Famous had cracked the top 10,000 book in the UK Kindle store!

How that happened I have no idea but I was so excited to see it! I hope the book maintains momentum. The past week has certainly been great for my confidence, and I’m very encouraged… so encouraged I can’t wait to start on the next novel!

UK Store ranking...UK Store ranking...

I’d like to thank everyone who has grabbed a copy of Not Famous! I look forward to your reviews! This has been a long journey and I appreciate everyone’s support!

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