1-Star Reviews of My Favorite Novels

Reviews are very important to indie authors. In many ways, they’re more important than sales. While I’m hardly getting rich off of my novels, the reviews I’ve received on Amazon and Goodreads represent a small fraction of my sales. As of this blog post, my first novel, Not Famous, has only 119 ratings on Goodreads,Continue reading “1-Star Reviews of My Favorite Novels”

I Tried LivingWriter… Will it Replace Scrivener?

By accident, I discovered a writing app pitched as the best alternative to Scrivener called LivingWriter. I’ve been using Scrivener for a while now, and after being initially overwhelmed by all its features, I found myself liking the aspects of the software that I chose to use. That said, its interface is dated, and switchingContinue reading “I Tried LivingWriter… Will it Replace Scrivener?”

Not Famous… Two Years Later

Two years ago today, my first novel, Not Famous, was published. It’s hard to even think about it as a two-year-old novel when it actually took more than seven years to complete from first inception to publication. But, yes, it has been two years since Not Famous was made available to the public. The tremendousContinue reading “Not Famous… Two Years Later”