Not Famous… Two Years Later

Two years ago today, my first novel, Not Famous, was published.

It’s hard to even think about it as a two-year-old novel when it actually took more than seven years to complete from first inception to publication. But, yes, it has been two years since Not Famous was made available to the public.

The tremendous effort it took to complete my first novel made me wonder if I could even write another. Alas, not only did I write another novel, but it only took me seven months, not seven years to complete the first draft. That novel was Not Dressed, which was published in February 2020.

And my writing still continues. While finding my muse during the pandemic in 2020 was a challenge, I am actually now writing two new novels. This wasn’t planned. The idea for my third novel (no title reveal yet, but I’ll call it NA for short) was probably almost as old as when I first came up with the idea for Not Famous, but progress was slow as the pandemic drained me of creative energy. NA currently stands at roughly 43,000 words—nearly halfway to my target word count.

Curiously enough, an idea for two more novels came to me while I was struggling to write the third. To make a long story short, I experienced an incredible burst of inspiration for the fifth novel, NP, and churned out 25,000 words in two weeks. This ultimately led me to move NP up in the release order and it will now be my fourth novel in my Wallflowers series.

So, yeah… things are happening!

Finishing one novel was a huge accomplishment for me. Today, I’ve had two published, two in progress, and another planned. I’m very excited about this coming year.

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