Ranking Nick Hornby’s Film Adaptations

This summer, the film adaptation of Nick Hornby’s 2009 novel Juliet, Naked is expected to get (limited) American distribution.I’m looking forward to finally having the opportunity to see it, though, in truth, not every adaptation of Hornby’s novels has been a great, but the film was produced by Apatow Productions, and Chris O’Dowd (from TheContinue reading “Ranking Nick Hornby’s Film Adaptations”

7 Comedy Actors Who Should Start Taking More Serious Roles

Actors hate to be typecast by playing the same role (or the same type of role) for too long or too often. Yet, there are some actors who have (or run the risk of) typecasting themselves into a genre that severely limits their talents as actors. We all know plenty of actors who are extremelyContinue reading “7 Comedy Actors Who Should Start Taking More Serious Roles”

Five Dystopian Movies Worthy of Remakes

Classic dystopian novels and films are great candidates for fresh film adaptations. Movie remakes and reboots are more commonplace now simply because we have the the potential to do things better. Of course, sometimes that potential is wasted. Neither Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes remake, or the 2011 Rise of the Planet of theContinue reading “Five Dystopian Movies Worthy of Remakes”

Five Films I Wish Were Based On Novels

Many of the best films are based on novels, in my opinion. As an aspiring novelist, I have firsthand experience with the struggles of character development. Since I’ve been writing my first novel, character development (or lack thereof) is one of the things I take note of in any film I see. Of course, thereContinue reading “Five Films I Wish Were Based On Novels”

Five Reasons I am Looking Forward to the Carrie Remake

When it comes to remaking classic movies, I am definitely in the camp that believes it’s best not to try to fix something that isn’t broken. All too often, remakes/reboots leave us pining for the quality and purity of the original source material. And this isn’t just a reference to Tim Burton, who can’t seemContinue reading “Five Reasons I am Looking Forward to the Carrie Remake”