Responding to Nick Spalding’s Self-Publishing Tips

Yesterday I posted excerpts from Nick Spalding’s thirteen-year old tips on self-publishing, which he told me are all still applicable today. So, today I’m going to respond to his tips with my thoughts. 1. Don’t give up the day job Of course the dream is to sell lots of books, make tons of money, andContinue reading “Responding to Nick Spalding’s Self-Publishing Tips”

Self-Publishing Tips From Nick Spalding

Nick Spalding is a very successful author with indie roots, who went on to sign a six-figure book deal. Back in 2003, he gave us his top 10 self-publishing tips. I’ve posted them below with excerpts: 1. Don’t give up the day job “Everyone wants to live the dream and write full time, but itContinue reading “Self-Publishing Tips From Nick Spalding”

Is My Novel Funny Enough To Be Lad-Lit?

This is a question I’ve been asking myself for a while. Now that the first draft of my novel Not Famous is complete, I’m choosing to revisit it. One common description of lad-lit is that is contain a lot of humor. Lots of lad-lit I’ve read is definitely meant to make you laugh-out-loud. If we goContinue reading “Is My Novel Funny Enough To Be Lad-Lit?”